About Example
Example was born in 1977 and was brought up in Hammersmith, London. He entered his first ever rap battle at the age of just 15 and, as he puts it, “completely destroyed”, the other artists. It is reported that this caused a fight to break out and example sprinted his way back home afterwards. His introduction into rap has been largely accredited to his inspiration coming from acts such as Snoop Dog.

Example began his story by winning the Royal Mail poet of the year competition and attended Royal Holloway to study film direction. It was during this time that he became a garage MC in order to make a bit of money and along the way he met Rusher – a music producer. The two of them recorded the song A pointless song in the university studio. This was to become his first ever white vinyl release.

He spent a short time in Australia where he learnt to surf and did a lot of taxi work. He then decided to follow a music career upon moving back to London. He released three songs through his own label, of which All the chats is included, which caught the attention of Pete Tong, a DJ on radio one. He also caught the eyes of one Mike Skinner who owns the record label called The Beats.

After signing with The Beats his first release was Vile which was his response to smile by Lilly Allen. The first real release of Example was what we made which he released in 2006 followed by his second single you can't rap in 2007. He filmed the video for what we made in Chernobyl.

This was followed by the release of I don't want to and So many roads.

Unfortunately, The Beats fell and Example was forced to self release his next single to which he gave the title Me + Mandy. The video for this single was shot in over 30 locations with 40 extras yet only cost £1000. This was directed by a friend of Example, Henry Scholfield who had worked with Example on several of his other singles including Vile and You can't rap.

In 2008 Example had a go at becoming a stand up comedian as part of the BBC2 program The culture show. He spent six weeks working on his first ever performance and performed alongside Harry Hill and Phil Jupitus at a venue in Covent garden that he had played at during his time at college.

Also in 2008 Example set a Guinness world record by playing the world's loudest ever concert. It was reported that it was so loud that they had to give out ear plugs and that some people could hardly remain standing.

Example is currently supporting Lilly Allen at several venues throughout November and December 2009.