About La Roux
Although La Roux can often seem like a solo act, the group maintains that it’s very much a joint venture. The group has three supporting band members, Michael Norris who tours with the band on Keyboard and computers, William Bowerman on drums, and Mickey O’Brian on keyboard and backing vocals.

Before forming La Roux, Langmaid, an established record producer and composer was associated with several acts. He has collaborated with Rollo Armstrong of Faithless on the single Help Me Make It (1996). He recorded under the name of Atomic and was part of Huff and Herb. He also collaborated as a song-writer on indie band Kubb’s debut album ‘Mother’ released in 2005, and was also offered a permanent position in Kubb.

Elly Jackson, born in 1988 and raised in London, is daughter of British actress Trudie Goodwin. Elly’s early interests in music revolved around folk music and particularly artists from her parents’ collection such as Nick Drake and Carole King. As Elly grew older, she became involved in the rave scene and developed an interest in electronic music. As an artist she has experimented with both folk as well as electronic music.
Jackson and Langmaid, the band’s principal members were introduced by a mutual friend. Their first collective project was titled Automan, which comprised largely of acoustic material. La Roux as a band released their first single Quicksand under the independent label Kitsune Music but signed over to Polydor Records for the release of their eponymous debut album.

Their second single In For The Kill was out March 2009 and was a success and a platinum selling track. The track debuted at #11 on the UK Singles Chart and eventually made it #2. Bullet Proof which made it to the top spot on the UK Singles Chart was released in June 2009. It was released in America in august 2009 and peaked at #7 on the US club/dance charts.

Tha band has toured extensively in support of their album La Roux. They headlined on the Samsung NME Radar Tour 2009 alongside several artistes like Heartbreak, Magistrates and The Chapman Family. They were also the supporting act on Lilly Allen’s UK Tour in March 2009. In July and August the band went on an eight city tour to North America, performing at various places including the Lollapalooza festival, All Points West Festival and the Montreal Osheaga Festival. They also did a TV performance for popular American TV Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

La Roux was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2009. The single I’m not your Toy from La Roux is slated to release in September 2009. The band is also slated to tour the UK and Ireland starting in November.