Taio Cruz Ringtones
About Taio CruzThe true depth of Taio Cruz’ real talent as a vocal artist is yet to be seen. His career started out behind the scenes as he worked with the biggest names in the UK and US music industries as a writer and producer. His CV includes collaborations with a wide variety of stars, from Sugababes to Britney Spears. One of his most recent contributions to pop music was Rihanna’s current hit Umbrella, which he helped write.

Writing and producing amazing lyrics for other stars is nothing new to this newly found pop star, but saving some of the magic for his own albums was only a dream until 2006, when he was discovered for his own vocal talents. In November of 2006 the first single leading up to his debut album was released with remarkable success. Over the next two years five singles hit the charts until Departure finally debuted on 17th March 2008.

Out of all of the prior released singles, the song Come on Girl was by far the fan’s favourite, hitting number 5 on the UK Single’s Chart; just shortly before the full album was released. It remains one of his biggest hits so far and shares the limelight with the song album’s title song Departure, which was released as a single at the same time the album dropped in 2008. It also became a top 5 favourite in the UK.

What is remarkable about Departure as a debut album is not only that it obtained certified Gold status in the UK within six months of its release, but that every track on the album was written and produced by Taio Cruz himself. This is one inspiring artist who has a vision for his work and refuses to settle for anything less than the perfect rendering of his views and inspirations.

In 2008, all of that hard work paid off as Cruz hit the road for his first tour as a hit vocal artist. The tour wrapped up in November 2008, leaving fans waiting for the arrival of his second album, which is slated for release on October 12th 2009. The title of this album is Rokstarr, which is reflective of the rock undertones and inspirations that the artist has stated were his inspirations for the album.

Keane and Coldplay are noted on the Taio Cruz MySpace page as the biggest influences on the album, which hints at the unique sounds the album will deliver. So far, only one song from the soon coming album has been released as a single. Its title Break Your Heart and it is already topping the UK charts.

Exactly how high on the charts Taio Cruz can hit and how big his following around the world can become is yet to be seen, but if his notoriety as a producer and songwriter is any reflection, there is no stopping the rise of this star.